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Advertising ALOHA

Serving by Sharing

Do You Need to Grow
Your Customer Base?

We promise to help you secure a fresh customer base
in a crowded marketplace by capturing the attention
of the masses with consistently creative campaigns! 

Aloha Welcome Letters Kauai Hawaii

Advertising ALOHA is excited to be considered as your exclusive (or adjunct) advertising agency. Our team welcomes the opportunity to use every tool in the book, from A to Z, in the creation of super smart signs, scripts, sayings, songs, stories, slogans, screenplays, speeches, and sales strategies!!

We celebrate the opportunity to introduce your business to our busyness, as we help to grow your brand on the island of inspiration and creativity.

Using puns, riddles, rhymes, tongue-twisters, palindromes, acronyms, homographs & phones, heteronyms, malapropisms, and good ol' "noggin' scratchers," we specialize in anything and everything: bumper stickers, t-shirts, domain names, online shows, banners, taglines, movie scripts, jingles, special offers, business names, song lyrics, book titles, double entendres, poster prose, product packaging, kids' books, limericks, film treatments, parodies, photo captions, narratives, product names, creative concepts, and et cetera, etc. Whether silly, subtle, or shocking, the choice is yours... a creative word or a wordy creation.

Reach out to us and let us know a little bit (or a big bunch) about you, your company, and your product, project, or promotion. We'll begin brainstorming immediately, regardless of whether or not you ever decide to use one of our "catchy pitches." There is no pressure to get started and no commitment to continue.

We look forward to applying our knacks to your niche, casting to catch a galaxy of raving 5-STAR fans for your business.




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